As a pet owner, you are responsible for your dog. If he impregnates the dog next door, you may be held responsible for those puppies, just as if your dog were to bite someone, you are responsible. If your dog does impregnate the dog next door, it means your dog hasn't been neutered. This is one of the reasons why he should be. If you aren't sure if your dog should be neutered, read on for a few other reasons why he should be neutered.

1. To Improve Your Dog's Behavior

If your dog is a bit of a handful, as in he jumps on everyone, he's constantly running through the house (or even running off every time you open the door), is very rambunctious, or is humping a lot, it may be time to have him neutered. This procedure can help to calm him down and help him relax a bit more. Take your dog in to be neutered and watch as his testosterone is lowered. You may notice it a great deal at first, or it may occur more gradually over time. 

If your dog has high testosterone levels, he may run off in search of a mate. During his time away, he could get in all types of trouble or find himself in danger. Your dog also may not run off as much as a dog that isn't neutered.

2. To Reduce Your Dog's Chances Of Potential Illnesses

Having your dog neutered can help to reduce his chances of testicular cancer and other illnesses or diseases. Your dog could potentially live longer by being neutered. It's best to have your dog neutered according to your veterinarian's schedule, so be sure to discuss at what age you should have this procedure done. Having it done too early can lead to issues such as stunted growth and issues with growth of your dog's teeth as well.

If you aren't sure if you should have your dog neutered, talk to your veterinarian about the pros and cons of having this procedure done. Also discuss the timeline of when it should be done as well as information about caring for your dog after this surgical procedure. Having your dog neutered is far cheaper than having to take care of extra puppies you didn't intend on having. Have your dog neutered, and be a responsible pet owner.

For more information about neutering, speak with a vet.